100 PCS Cattle Cow Calf Ear Tags

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Color: Green


Package: 1 To 100

1 To 100
101 To 200
201 To 300
301 To 400
401 To 500

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    Cattle Cow Calf Ear Tags

    “Easy-Peasy Ranching!” Take The Hassle Out Of Livestock Management And Theft Prevention. 

    Y'all, listen up! We got somethin' here that's gonna make managin' your livestock a breeze. Say howdy to these cattle cow calf ear tags! They're not just your run-of-the-mill tags; they're your trusty sidekick in keepin' tabs on your critters.

    Now, these tags, they're made of some top-notch material, I'm tellin' ya. They can take a beatin' from Mother Nature herself and come out swingin'. Extreme weather? No sweat. Toughness? These tags got it in spades. And when it comes to stretchin', they ain't givin' an inch. You can count on 'em like an old friend who's always got your back.

    Now, I know what you're thinkin'. "Ain't these tags gonna hurt my precious critters?" Well, fear not, my friend! These tags are as gentle as a lamb. They'll snug up to your cows and calves like a warm hug, without causin' 'em any pain or discomfort. You won't hear a peep of complaint from your animals, that's for sure…

    And just in case you're wonderin', we're talkin' about a whole bunch of these tags in one package. You'll get a whopping 100 tags per set. Ain't that somethin'? And the best part is, you get to choose the numbers, whether it's 01 to 100, 101 to 200, 201 to 300, 301 to 400, or 401 to 500. It's like pickin' your lucky numbers at the lottery, except this time, you're hittin' the jackpot with these Cattle Cow Calf Ear Tags.

    • LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT MARVEL - Easily manage your livestock's information and keep track of your animals effortlessly.
    • BUILT TO BRAVE IT ALL - Crafted from high-quality materials, these tags are tough as nails, standing up to extreme environmental and weather conditions with remarkable toughness and stretch resistance.
    • ANIMAL-FRIENDLY ASSURANCE - Rest easy knowing these tags won't cause harm or discomfort to your precious animals.
    • TAG BONANZA - Each set includes a whopping 100 tags, and you've got the freedom to choose numbers ranging from 01 to 500, making the organization a cinch.
    • VIBRANT AND VIVID - Thanks to fade-resistant technology, these tags maintain their vibrant appearance for the long haul.
    • PERFECTLY PROPORTIONED - These cattle ear tags come in a convenient size of 3x2.4 inches, striking the ideal balance between visibility and practicality.


    • Material: Durable Plastic TPU
    • Color: Vibrant Green, yellow or orange 
    • Length: 2 inches
    • Width: 1.57 inches
    • Numbering: Sequential from 001 to 100, 101 to 200, 201 to 300, 301 to 400 or 401 to 500

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